The Caribbean Odyssey is preparing to leave Tenerife

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Participants in the Caribbean Odyssey in front of the map of Tenerife at the Royal Yacht Club of Tenerife.

A welcome party for participants in the Caribbean Odyssey was held at the luxurious premises of Real Club Nautico de Tenerife, where the Port Authority of Tenerife the sponsor of the event, presented each crew with a souvenir plaque.
The first to be called were the crew of the Swiss yacht Olena.

As the youngest participants, Elina (11), Cyliane (7) and Timeo (5) of Olena were presentend with some local gifts

Itziar Alonso Berasaluce of the Port Authority presents a souvenir plaque to the crew of Sina.

The crew of Tubalcain

The crew of Sandro

The crew of Serenity

The crew of Wilderness

Airam Diaz, Commercial Director of the Port Authority of Tenerife, with participants in the Caribbean Odyssey

The yacht club with a mural in the foreground marking Horatio Nelson’s failed attack on Santa Cruz de Tenerife in July 1797, in which 250 British sailors and troops lost their lives, against only 30 fatalities among the defenders. On the left of the mural, Lieutenant General Antonio Gutierrez de Otero, who treated the defeated British with chivalrous magnanimity, supplying them with provisions and water for the their home voyage.

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