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Blue Planet Odyssey boats get school visit in Jamaica

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Today we met with various ages of school children from 3rd to 9th grade.  The Montego Bay Yacht Club brought in a representative from the Montego Bay Marine Park Trust to educate the kids on the local reefs, the protected areas and what they can do to protect them in the future.

Joshua from Montego Bay Marine Park Trust talks to children from Catherine Hall Primary

After a informal summary of the Blue Planet Odyssey and what we are trying to accomplish by sailing around the world we took each group of kids down to the boat at the end of the dock.  I showed them where we started on the map and what other countries we were going to visit. The kids were briefed on the ways the boats were conserving energy and trying to protect the environment. We showed them the solar panels for regenerating power, the navigation equipment, the drifter buoys and making water for our recycled jugs.  All of the boats were dressed in full colors and were easily seen from our boat as we pointed out where they were anchored.

Janet talks to school children aboard Chapter 2

Janet talks to school children from Catherine Hall Primary School aboard Chapter 2

 I also showed them my sewing machine but they weren’t impressed until I informed them that it could run on energy from the solar panels. We do not have to run our generator to power the machine. Our hope is that the kids take away how important it is to protect their ocean and their natural environment because it is their generation that will be the most affected by climate change.

Pat talks to children aboard Chapter 2

Pat from Chapter Two talks to students from the Academy of Science Technology & the Arts

The children from Tahawus, Martin and Mirko, were on hand as I pointed out that they were part of the adventure and were being homeschooled by their mom, Klaudia, while living on their boat Tahawus

 Mirko and Martin on Tahawus have their Jamaican flag ready

Mirko and Martin on Tahawus have their Jamaican flag ready

It was a great experience for everyone involved!   I posted a picture of a group of kids making funny faces on my blog. 

Some things are universal... Boys and funny faces!

Some things are universal… Boys and funny faces!

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Janet Hayes – Chapter Two


The schools which visited the yachts were: the Montessori School, Catherine Hall Primary School, Junior Plus School, and the Academy of Science Technology & the Arts.

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