Atlantic Odyssey - Barbados arrivals 10 December

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Christmas trees bring a festive spirit to the centre of Barbados and the small boat harbour, each tree representing a Commonwealth country. Most trees were decorated by the pupils of various local schools.

Santa Claus arrives early in Barbados.

The Barbados Yacht Club organises every year a Christmas party for members’ children, to which the young participants in the Atlantic Odyssey were also invited.

Charline and Léonie of Luna Bay look on expectantly as Santa Claus is handing out presents to the exciting crowd.

Two-year old Amina of Mirabella was the first Atlantic Odyssey child to be called

And was soon followed by Bradley of Rogue

And his brother Luke.

Léonie’s long wait was finally over

And so was that of sister Charline

Jaël, Amina and André of Mirabella posing with the yacht club mascot, and two Christmas fairies.

As night fell over Carlisle Bay, the children’s party was followed by a welcome party for participants in the Atlantic Odyssey.

The crew of Manwé, happy to have arrived just in time for the party.

Today’s first arrival was that of Triton, whose crew were very happy to be here even if they had missed the welcome party.

The arrival of Anemone, at less than 30 feet the Swedish yacht being the smallest in this year’s rally, but having made a fast passage for her size.

The last boat to cross the finish line this Sunday was Tamouré, both her crew and the organisers of the Atlantic Odyssey, being happy and relieved by their safe landfall.

A string of mysterious leaks, reported soon after the boat had left the Cape Verdes, had got us all concerned for the crew’s safety. Fortunately they were all detected and dealt with.

Three more boats are expected to arrive on Monday, Falkor, Jajapami and Mariposa, with Shamrock and Wellis due on Tuesday.

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