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  • December 2017 – Cornell Sailing Winter News
    Letter from Jimmy Cornell
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  • October 2017 – Cornell Sailing Autumn News
    Foreword from Jimmy Cornell – Meet Jimmy this weekend at the Annapolis Boat Show – Odyssey Rallies, never too late to join – Jimmy’s new book: 200,000 Miles, A Life of Adventure – World Cruising Destinations, new edition – Transatlantic Preparation Seminar in London, 2018
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  • Spring 2017 – Cornell Sailing Spring News
    Foreword from Jimmy Cornell – Join the Odyssey – Cape Verdes Stopover – Pacific Odyssey – Odyssey Rally departure dates for 2017-18 – “200,000 Miles – A Life of Adventure”: Jimmy Cornell’s new book
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  • January 2016 – Happy New Year from Cornell Sailing
    Letter from Jimmy Cornell – Cornell Sailing Winter Program – What’s New For 2016
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  • July 2015 – Atlantic News
    Atlantic Odyssey proves its success – Planning a 2016 Atlantic crossing? – Lanzarote Seminar Week – Sailing South: When is the best time to cross the Bay of Biscay? – Summer-time Tracking – Fly Your Flags – Island Odyssey Date Changes – Repairs in Lanzarote – So what does an Atlantic crossing feel like? – Safety Requirements
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  • March 2015 – Atlantic News
    Welcome to the Odyssey! – We’d love you to be part of one of our Odysseys, and here are some good reasons why – Choose your Odyssey – Invitation to Our Spring Webinars – Why not take your time and just cruise the Canary Islands… – Long Distance Cruising Seminar Week – New Odyssey Destinations On Both Sides of the Atlantic
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  • November 2014 – Blue Planet Log
    The Odyssey goes from strength to strength – Atlantic Odyssey I: Warm seas, warm hearts – Odysseys on the Horizon – A Year of Science – Educating a new generation – Winter Boat Shows: meet Jimmy Cornell
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  • September 2014 – Atlantic News
    Welcome to the Atlantic Odyssey! – Why join the Atlantic Odyssey? – Safety – Sail the Odyssey Environmental Program – Socialising – Meet the Participants – Atlantic Odyssey Office – Sail the Odyssey Forum – Spectacular La Graciosa – Guided walks in the Timanfaya National Park
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  • July 2014 – Blue Planet Log
    Welcome Aboard! – European Odyssey Gets Underway – World Odyssey Race Has Its First Entry – Cornell Sailing Website Gets A Revamp – Follow us through the ice… – Atlantic Odyssey Comes to Life – Join Our Pacific Odyssey – “Raise your voice, not the sea level”
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  • May 2014
    Welcome Aboard! – The World Odyssey – UNESCO-IOC and Cornell Sailing Events to Cooperate on Scientific Research – The Pacific Odyssey, a new rally for sailors bound for the South Seas – Discover Maritime Europe, the easy way – Atlantic Odyssey II, Amendment – Rocna anchors discount – Aventura shows her pace
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  • January 2014
    Welcome to the Odyssey! – Sailing South in 2014? – Blue Planet Log Issue 3 – Odyssey Science – Why join the Atlantic Odyssey? – Our Team – Special Discounts – Long Distance Cruising Seminar
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  • November 2013
    Educational Program – Panama Canal – Seminars & Webinars – Atlantic Odyssey – Sail The Odyssey – Aventura IV – Blue Planet Log
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