Atlantic Odyssey - Barbados arrivals 9 December

A surprise arrival in the area of Bridgetown harbour normally reserved for visiting yachts and local charter boat was the modern five-masted schooner Wind Song. Its massive hull dwarfed the Atlantic Odyssey boats arriving here at the end of a successful Atlantic crossing.

Arrival Lady Jane

The first of the nine Atlantic Odyssey boats to arrive this morning was the yacht Lady Jane.

Allen & Maria of Lady Jane

Lady Jane was quickly followed by another British yacht, Krabat, also crewed by a couple.

Arrival Krabat

William & Moira of Krabat

Seven other boats followed in quick succession: Lys des Mers, Punch Coco, Mirabella, Kisu, Wildside, Rubicon and finally Manwe.

Arrival Lys des Mers

Crew of Lys des Mers

Arrival Punch Coco

Crew of Punch Coco

Arrival Mirabella

Crew of Mirabella

Arrival Kisu

Markus & Gabriela of Kisu

Arrival Wildside

Crew of Wildside

Arrival Rubicon

Crew of Rubicon

Arrival Manwe

Crew of Manwe

This busy day continues with a children’s Christmas party at Barbados Yacht Club, followed by a welcome party for the Atlantic Odyssey boats that have arrived so far.

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