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VIDEOS: OLENA family's Atlantic crossing with the last Caribbean odyssey

The OLENA family sailed across the Atlantic with the last Odyssey rally (Caribbean Odyssey – January 2018), from Tenerife to Barbados, with a stopover in Mindelo, Cape Verde.

To get a small taste of their …

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PODCAST: Barbados 50 SAMEERA is interviewed by Bayern 3 Radio

Astrid Kunert and her son Gabriel, who took part in the Barbados 50 Odyssey rally (2016) aboard SAMEERA, are interviewed by Bayern 3 Radio about family sailing (in German)!

Astrid Kunert und ihr …

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VIDEO: Itchy Foot Family Atlantic Crossing

Follow the ITCHY FOOT crew as they sail over the ocean with the Atlantic Odyssey 2016 from Tenerife in the Canary Islands to Barbados in the Caribbean, with a stopover in the Cape Verdes.

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VIDEO: Jimmy Cornell on Barbados 50

Jimmy Cornell is interviewed about the Barbados 50 sailing rally. (Video: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.)

VIDEO: Blue Planet Odyssey in Hiva Oa, Marquesas

Glimpses of the island of Hiva Oa in the Marquesas during the passage of the Blue Planet Odyssey rally in April 2015.


VIDEO: First Pacific Ocean drifter buoy deployments for Blue Planet Odyssey

The first Blue Planet Odyssey drifter buoys have now been deployed in the Pacific Ocean on behalf of JCOMMOPS, NOAA and UNESCO-IOC. Yachts Lovesail and Maggie deployed the drifter buoys en route to the Galapagos …

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VIDEO: DOUDOU school visit

While in Martinique the Atlantic Odyssey fleet invited the pre-school children from the Ecole Maternelle du Bourg onboard to see their boats and share the stories of their passages and life aboard.

Here is a …

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VIDEO: the Atlantic crossing of DOUDOU

This film created by Luc and Yveline Formagne on DOUDOU will give you a true picture of what it is like to cross the Atlantic on a small sailing boat.

From rough and rainy squalls …

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VIDEO: The Atlantic crossing of SEA DRAGON

An all-women crew sailed on 72-foot sailboat SEA DRAGON as part of the Atlantic Odyssey 2014. They conducted scientific research while sailing, exploring the global issue of plastics, toxics and interconnections between environmental and human …

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VIDEO: Atlantic Odyssey drifter buoy deployment 2014

Yachts Alytes, Mandarina and Om all deployed scientific drifter buoys crossing the Atlantic.

Atlantic Odyssey drifter buoys 2014 from Sail the Odyssey on Vimeo.

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VIDEO: The Atlantic crossing of Miss Behaving

VIDEO: 1st evening at sea aboard Cocojet III

First video sent by Cocojet: Sunset and Dolphins from Sail the Odyssey on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Aventura trapped by ice in Arctic Bay

14 hours beset by ice

Trapped by ice from Sail the Odyssey on Vimeo.

Video: Jimmy Cornell onboard his Exploration 45

Finding a new boat to sail the Northwest Passage might not appeal to most people, but most people aren’t Jimmy Cornell. Graham Snook went to test the boat Jimmy commissioned – the Garcia Exploration …

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Video: Yachting World reviews Jimmy Cornell’s new Exploration 45

Read more on The Ultimate Global Cruiser by Matthew Sheahan

Video: Aventura launch 26 May 2014

Aventura’s official naming ceremony took place in Limehouse Basin, London, as she and her crew get ready for their trip through the Northwest Passage this summer. Jimmy Cornell’s first boat, also Aventura, was launched a …

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Video: GEMM's Atlantic crossing

La bizzarra traversata atlantica – The bizarre Atlantic crossing (Vimeo – 05:12)Atlantic Odyssey 2013, Lanzarote-MartiniqueA video from Vincenzo Visenzi, S/V GEMM (Swan 55)

See also:

Photo Album (Facebook): First Arrival in Martinique …

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Aventura IV launch in Cherbourg: video & photos

Jimmy Cornell’s AVENTURA IV was launched at Allures Yachting in Cherbourg (France) on Monday. The sea trials will take place in the coming weeks, before her official launch on May 14. AVENTURA IV …

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Video: Atlantic Odyssey 2013-14 drifter buoy deployment

Sailing yacht FLEUR DE SEL deploy a NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA) drifter buoy – Vimeo – 02:01

Video of the coachroof going on AVENTURA IV

Video of the coachroof going on AVENTURA IV, Jimmy Cornell’s new boat, at Allures Yachting in Cherbourg (Normandy).

Video of Aventura IV being transported to Cherbourg

Video of Aventura IV, Jimmy Cornell’s new boat, being transported from Garcia Yachting boatyard in Condé sur Noireau to Allures Yachting in Cherbourg (Normandy) for finishing.

Video of Aventura IV being turned over

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