A show like no other

The largest and most diverse boat show in the world, held at Düsseldorf in Germany every January, opened its doors last Saturday. 

  Once again we had a prime location on the Garcia Yachting stand, but the first days were so busy that my usual report had to wait until today.

Just as last year, the Garcia boatyard exhibited its flagship, an Exploration 52.

Reflecting the current concern for the environment, Aysha has no diesel engine but a less polluting hybrid electric propulsion system, which attracted much attention among visitors.

Due to its convenient location, the Düsseldorf show attracts visitors from all over Europe and every year I am amazed by the large number of visitors from Russia.

Andrei and Natalia have come from Moscow to look for a suitable boat for a world voyage and spent a long time on our stand plying me with questions about the choice they should make.

For me, the greatest pleasure of such international boat shows is the opportunity to meet again participants in one of my former rallies.

Michel and Christine had sailed in the Caribbean Odyssey, and had continued to French Polynesia, where they have left their Outremer catamaran Spica during the cyclone season.

Holger and Karin, who also sailed in that rally, have had a more eventful voyage after having reached the Caribbean. Unhappy with their choice of boat, they decided to return home to Luxemburg, sell their yacht, and get a better and more suitable one to resume their planned world voyage.

Several of my visitors were participants in the forthcoming round the world rally due to start in the autumn of 2021, among them Rafaela and Ricardo from Brazil.

After dealing with a number of questions about some practical aspects of the rally, I asked Ricardo what he was doing.

“I am captain of a Boeing 747 flying for Nippon airlines,” responded Ricardo.

“That sounds really interesting”, I said. “And you, Rafaela?” I asked.

“I am the second officer” she replied matter-of-factly.

“That sounds even more interesting!”

‘Indeed”, added Ricardo, “ we usually fly together, so we are in an ideal situation as we can continue having a quite normal life … but we do look forward to the delivery of our Exploration 45 in 2022 and start travelling the world at a more sedate pace and at lower altitudes.’

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