Caribbean Odyssey farewell party brings the Odysseys to a happy end!

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The farewell party was hosted at the Barbados Yacht Club beach restaurant.

The evening started with a special prize for Andreas and Sandra of the yacht Pico, who had missed the start of the Atlantic Odyssey due to technical problems and only arrived in Barbados a few days before the Caribbean Odyssey.

According to a tradition started in the Odysseys, Elina, Cyliane and Timeo of the Swiss yacht Olena were awarded the title of Young Argonauts and presented with special diplomas for having achieved an Atlantic crossing.

Formalities out of the way, it was time to party.

While the adults were enjoying the famous Mount Gay rum punch, Olena’s young crew had prepared their own haute-cuisine dinner with the other equally famous local ingredient: golden sand.

… and then it was time to say goodbye!

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