Islands Odyssey Sailors Get A Warm Welcome

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With temperatures in Santa Cruz de Tenerife reaching unseasonable levels for October, the sailors from the Islands Odyssey created some warmth of their own by gathering for a ‘potluck’ or bring and share dinner at the marina.

Here some amazing stories were shared of how they had made their journey, despite illness, boat problems and more, to make it to the Canaries and the start of their dream, the wide open Atlantic Ocean.

Over the shared food, new friendships were starting to be forged by young and old…

Sailors bring a dish each for a feast to share

Lisa and Johan from RUBICON and Jan and Sabine from MR GREY

Lars from ANEMONE and Jana from JAJAPAMI compare name labels – useful to get to know your fellow

Jan-Dirk from JAJAPAMI and Philippe from PUNCH COCO

Johan from RUBICON gets some routing advice from Jimmy Cornell

Pascale from MOJITO and Michelle from LYS DES MERS share stories

Jan from MR GREY & Charles from ARIEL & Maria from LADY JANE

Time out from the party for stories in the Rally Office

Kids big and small love a story as Ugo crew on TAMOURE entertains all the children

The children from TAMOURE, JAJAPAMI and PUNCH COCO with Nera Cornell

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