Join the Pacific Odyssey 2016 - Panama to Marquesas

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Following a request from several participants in the Atlantic and Islands Odyssey, we have decided to organize a Pacific Odyssey in 2016, as long as we have a minimum of 10 paid-up boats.

It was agreed by all those interested that a March start from the Caribbean would be preferable. Based on this timing, participants will make their own way from the Caribbean or possibly the Bahamas or Florida to Panama.

A meeting on 5 April at Shelter Bay Marina in Panama will give everyone the possibility to stop on the way in the ABC Islands, Colombia or San Blas Islands.

Route and dates

Jimmy Cornell with John Halley at Shelter Bay Marina

Individual pursuit to Panama – boats may start on the date of their choosing but must be in Shelter Bay Marina (Panama) on 5 April.

 5 April Rendezvous at Shelter Bay Marina 
 6 April All boats will be inspected in accordance with the Pacific Odyssey rules and regulations 
 7 – 8 April Panama Canal admeasurements
10 April  Start of Panama Canal transits

Arrangements will be made for individual boats to complete outward clearance formalities in Shelter Bay. This means that they will be able to proceed to Galapagos on completion of the canal transit. The passage to Galapagos will be run as a pursuit leg (no formal start as each boat will start on its own).

11 – 13 April Start Panama-Galapagos
17 – 20 April ETA Baquerizo Moreno (San Cristobal Island)
21 April Baquerizo Moreno rendezvous
18 – 24 April In Baquerizo Moreno.
Each boat will be cleared in with the assistance of the local agent. Participants will be able to join day excursions to neighbouring islands.
25 April  Transfer to Puerto Ayora.
26 – 29 April  In Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz Island).
Participants will be able to join day excursions to neighbouring islands.
 30 April Start Puerto Ayora – Atuona (Hiva Oa)

Entry fees

Cost per boat if 20 boats sign up: $3800
Cost per boat if 15 boats sign up: $4300
Cost per boat if 10 boats sign up: $4800

The above fees are for boats under 50 ft LOA.
Boats over 50 ft LOA will pay a $1000 surcharge.

Cornell Sailing will cover the following expenses

  • Panama and Galapagos agents fees
  • Transit fees and canal expenses including rental of additional fenders and mooring lines
  • Administration costs
  • Dealing with all formalities for Galapagos permits
  • Tracking (for boats equipped with Iridium Extreme or Go – or purchase of Delorme tracker from the organisers)
  • The presence of a coordinator on location in Panama (5 – 13 April) and Galapagos (16 April – 1 May)
  • Rally Control thoughout the event

Participants will cover the cost of the following:

  • Cruising permits in San Blas and Panama
  • Immigration/visa fees in all places en route
  • Customs, overtime and other clearance fees
  • De-ratting/fumigation certificate for Galapagos
  • Fee for additional local crew for the Panama Canal transit if the yacht’s crew is under 5 persons
  • Galapagos National Park fee ($100 per person in 2015)
  • Any local fees charged to visitors
  • Marina fees in Panama
  • Port and other fees in Galapagos
  • Inspection and cleaning of hull by professional diver if required on arrival in Galapagos
  • Difference in cost of Panama Canal transit if current fees are raised in 2016

Formalities in Galapagos


Formalities for cruising boats have become extremely stringent. Our local agent will obtain the compulsory permit for stopping and visiting the islands, but each yacht owner will have to submit in good time to Cornell Sailing the various documents that are required. A list will be sent when joining the event.

Each boat must also comply with the strict regulations concerning the requirement of having a clean hull. It is therefore strongly recommended that those who need to renew their antifouling, should do so while in Shelter Bay.

How to Join

Please contact for more information.

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