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Progress report on the EL.CA.NO. project

Work on Aventura EL.CA.NO. is progressing well, as can be seen from these photographs taken on Friday 5 June.

The Outremer boatyard is now working at full capacity and it has been confirmed that the boat will go into the water around 20 July. A program of comprehensive testing will start on 24 August, with a delivery date having been set for 23 September. If all goes according to that schedule, we should be able to start our planned voyage from La Grande Motte by mid-October.

As any other sailor planning to leave on a long voyage in these uncertain times, I need to take into account the consequences of the current pandemic and the possible quarantine restrictions that may be imposed at some of the places we intend to stop.

As the EL.CA.NO. project has been sanctioned as an official event of the quincentenary celebrations of the Magellan-Elcano voyage, this voyage will enjoy a special status. I have been assured that we can count on the full cooperation of the authorities in the countries along the route. However encouraging that may sound, my attitude is to always plan a voyage on the principle of preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Therefore, I shall take nothing for granted by having sufficient provisions on board to be able to continue without stopping for at least three months, or even longer.

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