Weekend Work for the Islands Odyssey Sailors

The two day seminars at the Santa Cruz Yacht Club concluded on Friday with a talk by Martin Kramp from Tamouré on his work with UNESCO and the JCOMMOPs global monitoring programme that deploys scientific drifter buoys and Argo floats around the world to gather data for ocean and weather databases.

Odyssey yachts have previously worked with Martin to deploy around the world, and now he is taking part himself with his own family.

Signing the drifter buoy that TAMOURÉ will deploy in the Atlantic

All the sailors signed the buoy including Jimmy Cornell

Jimmy Cornell brought the seminars to a close with a look at the voyage planning needed for a round Atlantic trip, and a question and answer session on general Atlantic topics.

This left the weekend free for the boats to do last minute chores, from provisioning to cleaning of the hull.

Sunday morning was best for a visit to the Santa Cruz fresh produce market, where the best quality local produce – fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat and more – are available to stock the boat for all the way to the Caribbean.

Choose tomatoes in varying stages of ripeness to be sure to have fresh tomatoes all the way across the Atlantic

The Santa Cruz Sunday market has everything you need for boat provisioning including herbs and spices

Local produce makes the Canaries one of the best places to commence an ocean passage

MOJITO – Shopping Exchange

LADY JANE – Shopping passed to boat

TAMOURÉ – Diving Ugo

Bruno and Ilario of FINALLY – Talking to Luc Callebaut (Cornell Sailing)

TAMOURÉ – Conversations between twins

A few days remain before the boats leave for the Cape Verdes, a chance to do last minute repairs, as well as enjoy the island life – a farewell party at the yacht club, a scenic trip to Mount Teide, and the convivial Canaries atmosphere in the city’s many bars, cafes and restaurants a few steps away from the marina.

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