Odyssey Logs

Blue Planet Odyssey: A Santo Photo Album

A few photos from Espirito Santo, the largest island in Vanuatu.

Doina Cornell meets Luc Callebaut for the first time after working together for 15 years on Noonsite and now Blue Planet Odyssey.


NO REGRETS and DRINA crews join Luc at the Beachfront Resort, Santo.


A Bislama (pidgin English) message from Santo school children.


Zeke (NO REGRETS) tracks down some steel to make a temporary fix to broken shroud.


Tasty meals cooked by the local ladies of Santo including the famous Santo beef.


Espiritu Santo is the largest island in Vanuatu.


Beach front resort.


Security sign in with the guards en route to clear customs.


Customs – bi-lingual signs left over from the pre-independence days when France and English were the joint colonial powers.

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