Book Review: Sea, Sun and Taraipo by John Jameson

Sea, Sun and Taraipo by John Jameson

Publihed by Grosvenor House Publishing

ISBN 978-1-83975-124-0

This is the moving tale of John Jameson’s nine-year-long world voyage in a Polynesian-type catamaran; an odyssey true to the original meaning of the word – a journey of countless near or actual disasters interspersed by exhilarating moments.  While enjoying the author’s flowing prose and Scots sense of humour,  some readers might find it difficult to come to terms with the privations caused by the wish to roam the oceans in a boat with only the minimum of present-day equipment and spartan comforts. But for John this was the life he wanted to live, and was obviously prepared to pay the price.


The book comes alive with the arrival of Nicole, a global hitch-hiker who brings some much needed feminine discipline into John’s chaotic style of laissez-faire. A few poetic quotes from her own journal convey the profound satisfaction of living a simple, stress-free life close to nature, summed up for both of them in the book’s subtitle “Millionaires in Time”.  

John and Nicole are now married and continue sailing.



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